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The flight school “San Teodoro” is officially certified by “Aereo club d’Italia.The courses meet the standard imposed by the above association in conformity with what the 2006 regulation requires. Courses are open the year around, and they  are held on our airfield. You can choose from our fleet on which aircraft you desire to learn. The material you need to follow our courses are given to you. The courses are two. The first is just a short course that introduces you to the flight world, and gives you the time to figure out if you are really interested in pursuing a license! With this course you are not given a certificate. The second course is complete and at the end you are examined in order to get your officially certified “Permit to fly”. On request it’s possible to have an English or German speaking Instructor.



With this course you are given 5 lessons. You will get a ground-based introduction to the aircraft and its components, then with flights, highlighting more of the detail of takeoff and basic maneuvers with an instructor by your side. The duration of each lesson is 30 min practic and 30 min teoretic and the rate is 800,00 Euro. The aircrafts we use are Savannah normal or anphibious, Groppino and Delta.



The airflield and flight school are both certified by the “Aereo club d’italia”. At the end of this course to pursue your permit, after full training, you are examined by a commission in order to get your V.D:S pilot permit. Subscriptions are open the year around. The lessons are 18 ground based and 18 on the aircraft. During this course you will have ground-based intrduction to the aircraft and it’s components, and topics that include, Theory of flight, Meteorology, Flight Operations, Airmanship, Human Factors ( pilot decision making), Radio are held by qualified Instructors.

On request it’s possible to have an English or German speaking Instructor. Rates go from euro 3000,00 and itdepends on the aircraft you choose for your couse. The summer course Hydro will begin in April 2010 with a Savannah amphibious fleet already in dell'Aviosuperficie San Teodoro.



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