The Ultralight Flight is freedom ...

Many reasons prompt fans to choose the microlight flight, mostly because it's easy to leave and we can travel anywhere, meet new friends with the same passion and traveling aimlessly.

The Airfield San Teodoro is for years a landmark in Sardinia for those pratical microlight flight, becoming increasingly a destination for ultralight pilots, who find here the opportunity to make a pleasant stay thanks to the tracks and strategically than 500 mt. of green grass, and at the same time an ideal place to combine holiday, flight and passion.

But not only the airfield of San Teodoro, thanks to the presence of experienced pilots, runs to achieve the microlight pilot's license, he also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sardinia with the enchanting beaches of white sand and crystal clear water, with opportunity to be able to take pictures postcard without spending head-spinning and emotionally insured.

The ultra-light thanks to their special characteristics of speed, weight, range, make this sport accessible to a wide array of fans. In the category fall many types of ultralight ulm as commuters who have hang-gliders used motor for free flight, the Multiaxis those most similar to conventional aircraft, the Autigiri means similar to elcotteri but with very different principles and static-morrow. A wide range of ultralight to satisfy all cravings for those who love the sea and look for the beach with the flight and the plane.


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