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Olbia, Italy

IN SARDINIA, one of the most beautiful islands of the mediterranean, destination for many tourists coming from all over Europe. We are more precisely in San Teodoro which is situated on the North-eastern coast of Sardinia at approximately 25 km on the south of Olbia. Being close to the Airport “COSTA SMERALDA” and to the port “ISOLA BIANCA” (both in olbia) San Teodoro has become one of the most famous holiday resort areas tourists coming to Sardinia. Our Airfield and flight school, certified by the Italian Aeronautical Club with the number 143, is visible from the main road called “Statale 125” (SS125) at km 293. the airfield “San Teodoro”is located on the outskirt of the town (San Teodoro) in a protected area close to the lagoon and the newly born sea-park “Tavolara Capo Coda Cavallo” . the airfield is very scenic, sorrounded by rolling hills,  the lagoon and the magnificent beach “La Cinta” with its 4 km of fine dazzling white sand and sparkling clear water. The town is only 2km (that means 5-10 min) away from us and offers facilities for all types of summer activities. From our grounds you can organize tours, through the island, around the island off course “Over the island”. E 'can also make bookings prior to allow you to stay in private hospitals or travel itineraries unforgettable.

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