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Olbia, Italy

The Airfield San Teodoro is becoming more and must for the ultralight aviation pilots seeing that it is  a  pleasant and strategic point for a stopoff, as they can combine holidays with flight. For who is coming with own plane the G.P.S coordinates are: N 40° 48’, 12 – E 09° 39’, 58. Radio contact 130.00 Mhz is possible on request calling Ph: 0039 347 3701567 flying to San Teodoro does not present any particular problem besides tha sea! the ultralights pilots coming from the north must pay particular attention in order to avoid olbia’ C. T. R. or at least communicate their approachOlbia Costa Smeralda in summer registrers traffic of the same level as any other airport in Italy. Our runway is in grass and 500 mt long ,20 mt wide with QFU 15-33.There is no obstacle at the head of the runway. (118.97 Mhz) to get an okay to eventually fly across. Lately this seems to be possible, perhaps in prevision of the evolution of the VDS normative. Obviously it’s indispensable, to have Radio and Transponder! We must remember anyway, that there is still an objective difficulty, caused by a gap in the normative that is not in favour of the VDS pilots. Note that the airport.

pista per atterraggio ultraleggeri santeodoro ulm aviosuperficie aviosuperficie san teodoro | ulm (Download PDF for Print)